Joshua Chong Helps His Clients to Potentially Achieve 7-Figures in Commissions for Their Businesses

December 08 00:37 2021

In the highly-competitive business arena, businesses will have to position themselves as trusted authority among all the competition around them. Everyone may seem to offer the same product or services in the marketplace, but if businesses do not create their own unique selling proposition to their potential customers, they will not find it worth investing their time and money as they would rather find someone else who may bring more value to their life. Hence, this causes the business to lose a potential client as a result of not having its own unique selling proposition.

So how can businesses actually position themselves as a trusted authority and also increase the level of their success in the highly-competitive business arena?

Joshua Chong has created a proven-to-work business framework, “The Tri-Wheel Method”, which has helped his clients to potentially generate multiple 7-figures in commissions for their individual businesses, and this is the exact framework that he would want to impart to other like-minded entrepreneurs to leverage on this framework to scale their businesses.

What is “The Tri-Wheel Method”?

“The Tri-Wheel Method” aims to achieve a high level of success among all parties within the business dealing. This can be achieved by creating a win-win-win scenario for everyone in which all parties would benefit from each other.

This is how the framework works:

For example, let’s allow the “Advisor” to be a real estate investor, the “Marketer” to be a digital marketing strategist, and the “Customer” to be the property buyer of the real estate investor.

In order for the property buyer to be able to get access to purchase such attractive properties offered by the real estate investor, an advertisement or any form of a showcase of such attractive properties has to be drawn in front of the desired property buyer. Therefore, in order to do that, this is when the digital marketing strategist comes in to direct the offer provided by the real estate investor to reach the desired property buyer.

So in order for all these above activities to occur, all three parties have to work hand in hand to collaborate with one another so that each of the individual’s objectives would be fulfilled.

Therefore, when all parties collaborate together to create a win-win scenario for one another, “The Tri-Wheel Method” comes into the picture. Hence, this achieves a high level of success for all parties.

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Joshua Chong, a Digital Entrepreneur who strives to inspire and impact others all around him.

With his burning passion to realize his dreams, he invested in multiple mentorships in the areas of his interests and cut short his learning curves to achieve success in the shortest period of time.

As a firm believer in investing in himself, Joshua is devoted to his self-development. He has put together for himself a team of mentors, from whom he acquires the skills and knowledge he deems necessary to achieve his burning passion for inspiring and impacting other people’s lives.

Joshua would be able to guide his peers to discover how they can take their life experience, knowledge, and burning passion and transform that into something that’s monetizable and marketable.

With that, Joshua has something in store for everyone that he meets in every area of his life!

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