Black Series HQ17, An extraordinary long-journey companion to Monument Valley

May 06 18:57 2022

When Chad’s and Julie’s daughter call her parents, she is answered by the machine: “The Smiths are away from home to Monument Valley. Please leave a message after the tone. Thank you!” Well, she thinks, with a grin on the face, they must hit the road with the trailer again. Chad and Julie had an early retirement three years ago. They bought a Black Series HQ17 all-terrain car-trailer for their trips around the year. Nobody has seen someone else who spend their old age in such an enviable way.

Meanwhile, Chad and Julie are in a jolly ride along a highway in the Colorado Plateau. Chatting and laughing with childlike enthusiasm, the senior couple play the car music out loud. They used to listen to these songs when they were young and the days were so promising. “On a dark desert highway, cool wind in my hair…” They sang to the familiar tune of Hotel California, a masterpiece of Eagles. The pickup truck carrying the trailer tramp over Highway 163, where Forrest Gump eventually ends ended his cross-country running. Known as the Road to the Sky, the Highway points to the direction for travelers with dotted orange lines on the charcoal surface.

An untraversed region it is, the desolate desert reveals a vast expanse of breathtaking landscape unparalleled on the earth. Yet, few people would dare make the trip by simply a pickup-and-trailer. The impressive couple had a successful career before they retire. Chad was a noted accountant, while Julie was an expert on indoor decoration. They bustled a mundane life and had never taken a break until their children become independent. They had been fantasizing about traveling around the world in a trailer, and eventually this dream came true to adorn their blissful twilight years.

HQ17 is up to everything that a deluxe hotel suite has to offer. The well-spaced and fully-equipped interior with four beds affords luxury and comfort for five, meaning that the senior couple can travel with their grandchildren. Julie, as an exceptional cook, is ready to prepare food and delights using both the interior and exterior kitchen systems, in addition to the help of a super spacious fridge and a multi-purpose microwave oven. With the gorgeous natural views, dining on the broad interior multifunction table or in an outdoor camping setting is truly splendid. Oh, how can anyone forget music, which will accentuate the cozy atmosphere? HQ17 is equipped with two sets of premium acoustic systems that will either soften people’s thoughts or energize the party.

Chad once worried about the shortage of water and supplies across no man’s lands. But the all-terrain HQ17 totally frees his mind, thanks to its super cruising power with robust car battery, solar panel and power supply system, as well as the gigantic water tank. HQ17 is ideal for long trips that even last over a month. Hot shower, plenty of water… All set, and go! 

After a three-day long ride, Chad and Julie made it to the Monument Valley. In the morning, they took their time to settle in an open space with great views, and steadied the vehicle with electronic outriggers, with the door facing the mountains that resemble an array of monuments. They waited quietly for the sun to rise above the horizon and light up the wildness and grotesque landscape. They threw a big blanket over their shoulders, and sipped the home-like taste of the creamy coffee made by Julie. At the moment when the crimson desert turned into violet and the garnet wonders revealed themselves one by one. They couldn’t help but marvel at the nature’s uncanny charm and magic, and felt blessed that they had this moment to embrace it before the monuments gradually fade away in the unavoidable weathering of time. Chad and Julie will continue to embrace such lucky moments in their later years, and redefine their life in their never-ending quests for nature’s wonders. It’s the belief that HQ17 will also be around in their adventures, and make sure every journey is safe, comfortable and convenient as it should be.

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