Gigopost launches today their AI-assisted content creation and 1-click distribution platform

February 16 15:50 2023
Gigopost is a free AI-assisted Ghostwriter & Social Media Manager.

Gigopost is a new AI-assisted social amplification tool that launched on February 16th, 2023. Gigopost is a cutting-edge tool to help businesses and individuals amplify their social media presence as thought leaders, engage with their target audience, and boost their online visibility. 

Leveraging the power of artificial intelligence & machine learning to help users auto-generate content with SEO-optimized keywords and hashtag recommendations based on millions of analyzed posts. They’re not just another ChatGPT plugin.  Their upcoming release will include GIGO, their AI-powered Social Media Manager who will analyze the user’s content preferences and, auto-generate content & schedule posts with optional supervision for each individual team member.

On the occasion of their launch, Gigopost principal founder Nirav Chatterji shared, “We’ve all heard it: “@Team – when you have a moment, please re-share this great article the marketing team created.” You’d be lucky to get 10% of your teams to re-share this content if that. This isn’t just an oh-well issue to deal with. Optimizing content for maximum reach is crucial; otherwise, why even create it? Getting your content in front of the right people is much harder than it sounds. We’re all familiar with the idea that you must create good content if you want anyone to see it. But what does “good” actually mean? It means creating something that people will want to share with their networks. It means creating something that is helpful and adds value to their lives. It means creating something that people will feel is worth their time. This is the most important part of content distribution: getting your message in front of people who actually want to see it. ”

Today with their beta release, the company is excited to welcome teams to leverage the foundational elements of what AI offers us today. Their beta will focus on solving two central concerns with social advocacy tools – 1. Content Creation, and 2. User Adoption.

1. Seamless Content Creation with 1-click:

In the current economic climate, as we see relative ad budgets tightening up, companies are maximizing their presence on LinkedIn & Twitter and enabling their teams to create a digital path to their customers. However, businesses and individuals are struggling to keep up with the demands of creating and distributing high-quality content that resonates with their audience.

Gigopost solves this problem by providing an easy-to-use platform that is packed with advanced features. One of the game-changing features is GIGO (v5a). With it, users can create high-quality content with a simple prompt such as, “Top 5 gifts if you missed valentines.” With 1-click, the AI will create content with relevant keywords and the best hashtags to help users create content that resonates with their audience and thereby increases overall reach. If this was you (guilty as charged!), here is GIGO’s recommendation: “Love is in the air! Don’t worry if you missed Valentine’s Day; there’s still time to show your special someone how much you care! Here are the top 5 gifts to make up for it: a bouquet of roses, a box of chocolates, a heartfelt card, a romantic dinner, or a thoughtful gift. #ValentinesGift #ShowLove #RomanticGestures #LoveIsLove”

One of the key features of Gigopost is the AI-powered scheduling tool (coming soon!) that enables users to schedule their social media posts at the optimal time. The AI algorithm analyzes users’ social media data and determines the best time to post the content. This ensures that the content reaches the maximum number of people and is more likely to be engaged with.

2.  Gamification, User Adoption and Brand Sponsorships:

Gigopost also offers advanced analytics features that enable users and teams to track their social media performance. The platform will soon provide detailed insights into the user’s social media engagement, reach, and audience demographics. This helps organizations to understand their audience better and create more targeted content specific to teams and targeted audience profiles. Which will ultimately increase engagement & adoption per their hypothesis.

From day one, with a dedicated Customer Success team analyzing usage and introducing monthly competitions – the gamification attribution – reinforces the top team members with the highest reach to not only have bragging rights but prizes to attain and B2B sponsorship deals with our network of affiliated brands.

 “Gigopost is the ultimate tool for anyone looking to enhance their social media presence and reach their target audience,” said Nirav Chatterji, Founder, and Principal of Gigopost. “One of the biggest hindrances to adopting such tools has been pricing. This is why we’ve decided to eliminate the high price point for the fundamental use cases & features. Gigopost will launch as a freemium subscription, which will range from a free option for all organizations (up to three users) to about $99 per month for every additional ten users. The tool is designed to be affordable and accessible to everyone, with various pricing plans available to suit different needs and budgets. Additionally, we’re introducing today a new pricing model, which we’re calling SSM: Stable Subscription Model – where we unapologetically favor our oldest customers. Instead of the 10-15% year-over-year increases on renewals (typical for SaaS platforms), we pass the cost off to the next subset of customers. We’re hoping our karma points don’t stop there – since we are eager to partner with not-for-profit organizations for free – with no strings attached on a monthly basis as we roll out our GIGforGOOD philanthropic arm of the venture.” he added.

The team has been heads down for the last several months to create a platform that is both innovative and easy to use across both desktop and mobile devices. They believe that the platform is ideal for both individuals (social media managers, influencers, content creators) and for entire marketing, sales, recruiting, and product teams at any company who are looking for a way to enable themselves and their teams to be brand ambassadors and thought leaders.

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