Treat Yourself Popcorn A Cause and Product-Based E-Commerce Fundraising Platform Announces Release of 28 New Popcorn Flavors

February 17 16:50 2023

Henderson, NV – Treat Yourself Popcorn, a leading provider of gourmet popcorn, is proud to announce the launch of its innovative e-commerce fundraising platform. 


Treat Yourself Popcorn is a cause-and-product-based e-commerce fundraising platform that allows individuals to support the causes that matter most to them, is proud to announce the release of multiple new popcorn flavors.

The platform is specifically designed to make fundraising easy and successful for authorized individuals, groups, teams, and organizations across the country. With Treat Yourself Popcorn, organizations can offer their supporters a wide range of delicious gourmet popcorn flavors through the Fundraisers’ Virtual Store Campaign.

Treat Yourself Popcorn is committed to providing its customers with the highest quality popcorn kernels and flavors. Their product range includes traditional classics, savory, sweet and salty, hot and spicy, candy-infused, and dessert-inspired products. With a passion for taste and quality, Treat Yourself Popcorn offers an exceptional treat that its customers will not forget. Their popcorn is a delicious and unique way to show support to organizations in need.

The platform is owned and operated by Treat Yourself Gourmet LLC, which has extensive experience in the restaurant industry. Treat Yourself Gourmet LLC has previously owned a Mariah Carey Cookies and a Carlos Cake Boss cloud kitchen franchise, which attests to their commitment to quality and taste. Treat Yourself Popcorn’s fundraising platform is easy to use, and organizations can create their own virtual store campaign. They can offer a variety of Treat Yourself Popcorn flavors to their supporters, who can purchase the gourmet popcorn products directly from the platform.

The organization will receive a percentage of the proceeds from each sale, which helps them achieve its fundraising goals. With Treat Yourself Popcorn, organizations can raise up to $50,000+ in just 5 days! “Our goal is to make fundraising easy and successful for all organizations while providing a fun and tasty experience for supporters,” said a spokesperson for Treat Yourself Popcorn. “Our platform offers a touchless/virtual and/or brochure fundraising campaign, which can achieve amazing results for any goal.”

Treat Yourself Popcorn services all 50 states, making it easy for everyone to participate in their fundraising campaigns. Whether you are raising money for a sports team, school club, or charity organization, Treat Yourself Popcorn’s fundraising platform is the perfect choice to help you achieve your goals. Treat Yourself Popcorn is excited to offer its fundraising platform to organizations across the country. Their commitment to quality and taste, combined with their easy-to-use platform, makes them the perfect choice for any fundraising campaign.

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