Bioma Token will be launched as a preserver of Amazon Forest

February 20 15:15 2023
Bioma Token is a green cryptocurrency backed by the preservation of the Amazon Rainforest.

(aerial image of the Bioma eco project’s own lands)

The Bioma Token, which will be the first cryptocurrency of its kind backed by the maintenance of the Amazon Rainforest, is about to be launched. The token ushers in a new era of disruption in the decentralized economy by providing an original value proposition. Bioma Eco uses drone technology to map and georeference areas of native forests in the Brazilian Amazon. This activity is carried out using high-resolution images and satellite images, which helps to ensure the accuracy of the preservation process. 

This Token can be purchased by small and large investors so that they can safeguard their piece of preserved forest. As the token will be designed in BSC (Binance Smart Chain), a blockchain developed by the cryptocurrency exchange Binance which has a validation mechanism that requires minimal emissions cost, this will be an easy way for individuals to contribute to the preservation of the environment.

Currently, the Amazon rainforest is estimated to be worth US$1.83 trillion per year*. It is there that 20% of all freshwater on the planet, 50% of biodiversity, and 17% of stored carbon is contained. The Amazon is essential in combating climate change on a global scale and its financial value has increased exponentially in recent years given the scarcity and finitude of this natural wealth.

When people and businesses buy Bioma Tokens, they are not only showing their support for the conservation of the forest, but they are also making a contribution to initiatives that work to reduce emissions of greenhouse gasses. The preservation of the Amazon’s diverse plant and animal life through these projects will make it possible for the forest to flourish and play an essential part in the planet’s ecosystem.

The Bioma Eco Project, which promotes ecotourism and works to preserve forests, has acquired land in the Brazilian region of Acajatuba/Amazonas, as stated in the white paper that accompanies the project.

The first quarter of 2023 is defined as the launch window for the project and, in addition to the Bioma Token, the company presents the Bioma Eco Lodge project, located in the heart of the Amazon rainforest, allowing guests to fully immerse themselves in its protected preservation area.

The official website of Bioma provides comprehensive information for individuals to get started with the project. 

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The Bioma Token is set to become a first of its kind token, backed by the preservation of the Amazon Forest. Each Bioma Token Unit represents 1 Inch of preserved forest. Bioma incorporates forest areas in the Brazilian Amazon, with all the georeferencing achieved by using drones to perform mapping with high-resolution images and satellite images. By offering this unique value proposition, the brand invites individuals to invest and trade in the token on the Binance marketplace.

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