Introducing EDH Power Calculator: The Ultimate Tool for Commander Deck Power Level Assessment

August 24 18:05 2023

We are thrilled to announce the launch of a game-changing online platform for Magic: The Gathering enthusiasts and Commander players – the EDH Power Calculator. This innovative tool is designed to revolutionize the way players evaluate and understand the power levels of their Commander decks, providing a comprehensive and accurate assessment to enhance their gameplay experience.

Commander, also known as Elder Dragon Highlander (EDH), is one of the most popular formats in Magic: The Gathering. The diversity of cards and strategies often leads to decks of varying strengths, which can affect the balance and enjoyment of gameplay. The EDH Power Calculator addresses this by offering an intuitive and user-friendly solution to gauge the power level of any Commander deck.

Key features of the EDH Power Calculator include:

  • Precise Power Level Assessment: With just a few clicks, players can input their decklist into the calculator on the EDH Power Calculator website ( The tool then analyzes the deck’s components, taking into account card choices, synergies, and strategies, and provides an accurate power level rating.
  • Objective Evaluation: The EDH Power Calculator employs a sophisticated algorithm that eliminates subjective bias and provides an objective assessment of a deck’s power level. This ensures fairness and consistency in evaluating decks across different playgroups.
  • Customizable Recommendations: Once the power level is determined, the calculator offers tailored suggestions to enhance or adjust the deck’s composition. This assists players in optimizing their decks to align with the desired power level and playstyle.
  • Community Integration: Players can engage with an active community of Commander enthusiasts on the EDH Power Calculator website. They can share decklists, strategies, and insights, fostering a collaborative environment for deck improvement and game enhancement.

Jason Saran, the visionary mind behind the EDH Power Calculator, expressed excitement about the launch: “As a passionate Commander player myself, I understand the importance of balanced and enjoyable gameplay. The EDH Power Calculator was born out of the desire to provide players with a reliable tool to assess and improve their decks, ultimately creating a more enjoyable gaming experience.”

To experience the benefits of the EDH Power Calculator and take the guesswork out of Commander deck power levels, visit

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