SOFNT Launches Kickstarter Campaign for Revolutionary Ergonomic and Planet-friendly Nursing Shoe ACTMOS from their New Brand VLOMFY

August 25 18:41 2023

Medical tech experts SOFNT have announced the upcoming launch of a Kickstarter campaign for their innovative nursing shoes designed for healthcare professionals and individuals who are standing on their feet all day. The shoe offers a unique combination of comfort, durability, and sustainability, making it unlike any other nursing shoe on the market.

Going by the name ACTMOS, the new shoe has an ergonomic design that supports the feet and reduces the risk of foot injuries and discomfort caused by long hours of standing and walking. It is also made with a high-quality and planet-friendly EVA polymer material, making it a sustainable choice for healthcare workers who want to reduce their environmental impact.

The ACTMOS polymer is made up of a combination of biomass and bio-plastics. These bio-materials are sourced from natural resources such as clam shells, potatoes and even corn! This material still remains flexible and soft and acts just as regular EVA does – while being much friendlier to the planet!

ACTMOS has a variety of special design features that have been carefully thought out to keep its wearers’ needs and feelings in mind. One of its strongest assets is the non-slip outer sole, which provides enhanced friction in slippery environments. This is great for workplaces where random spills are common, such as hospitals, cafes, kitchens, and schools.

The shoe also has flexibility ridges and an ultra-wide fit. This is important to allow the shoe to rest flat, in the natural position that feet are supposed to be in. No additional pressure is given to the foot, and the shoe bends in the correct areas that align with the flexion of bones in the feet.

A heel strap is placed in a position to ensure that blisters and contact with the foot do not occur, which is a common problem with such footwear. You can use the shoe as either a slipper style or move the strap for a more secure and closed-fitting shoe.

The final noteworthy feature of the shoe is its no-leak vent holes, which are strategically placed below the shoe ridges to avoid external fluids from leaking into the shoe. However, they also have another purpose, which is to provide the entire foot with breathing space, to avoid sweaty and uncomfortable feet throughout your day.


“We’re excited to launch our Kickstarter campaign and introduce our nursing shoe to the world, which is NOT just for nurses,” said the brand’s representative. “We’re confident that not only healthcare professionals will love our product, but that it can also be enjoyed by other individuals who stand for long periods, or as part of a stylish outfit coordination.”

The ACTMOS shoe will be available for purchase through the Kickstarter campaign which is launching early September. With early bird discounts and other special offers available for backers, it is a special campaign that you cannot miss! For those interested in the shoe, they can sign up for updates on the campaign at the brands website at You can also follow the brand on their social media on:



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