Universal Voice Gains Tens of Millions of Angel Financing in China, Redefinition of English Speech Age

July 03 21:23 2017

The Real Effect Picture of the Cinema

High-profile Universal Voice gained tens of millions of angel financing in China; it is invested by an investment group in Beijing; English speech age will be redefined. The English presentation is a world-class show that attracts much attention after the TED; it is an international performance event that focuses on world figures. Large-scale performances had been given in New York, Las Vegas of the United States, London, France, Paris, Cannes, Australia, Singapore and other places. The United States is the cradle of the speech, where countless speakers, including MartinLutherKing, who had influenced Hillary, and Obama, who was just relieved of his office, were born. More than a thousand world figures are invited to attend Universal Voice.

Buffett Shareholders’ Meeting

It received much attention as it adopted Hollywood special effects and super deluxe lineup of the Grand Theatre in 2016. Associated Press, Financial Times, MSN China, Chief Executive, WNCEO said that the existence of Universal Voice is indeed a very novel stage presentation technique. AgethaLee is very confident of American financing. She said she would lead Universal Voice to take root in North America. Pure speech age is indeed eye-catching. It is capital era now, the fast development of Universal Voice by using capital in the United States and Canada is the wish of AgethaLee. She gave up the job of American trainer with millions of annual salary, and returned home; she changed her profession and devoted her mind to capital, consulting, mergers and acquisitions, training, fashion and other fields. She will go and study in HarvardBusinessSchool next year and start up business for Harvard; this year is the golden age in her life. AgethaLee participated in Super Investor which is the world-class capital conference. She hopes to introduce international capital into China; in order to better understand the capital market, she also supplements financial knowledge to lay a good foundation for the development in the international capital stage in the future.

18,000 people gathered in Mercedes-Benz Arena

The independent media of Universal Voice is the rare high-end media in the United States that is willing to connect with world-class CEO. They interviewed hundreds of CEO and published Redefine Leadership in New York and shot a documentary film. The global influence of Universal Voice is about to build. The luxurious world-class show in Mercedes-Benz Arena is worth expecting. A large number of investment institutions in the United States are throwing envious glances. AgethaLee wants to create a higher financing record in the United States. She hopes to use the power of capital to promote the high-speed development.

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