Teo Choo Guan received the Buddha tooth relic from Beijing Sri Lanka for enshrinement after being awarded the Sweden World Peace Award

December 02 15:06 2019

After being awarded the Sweden World Peace Award, Mr. Teo Choo Guan received the replica Buddha Tooth from Beijing, China and Kandy, Sri Lanka from the Venerable Sayadaw U Kittivara. The Enshrinement ceremony was held on November 17, 2019 in the WAKI Relic Musuem. On the same day, Shakyamuni Buddha’s end tooth relic and thumb bone relic were exhibited to more than 400 guests attended the function to witness this historic moment. 

In the last ten years, Waki International Group Founder and Chairman, Mr. Teo Choo Guan had the opportunity to receive the relics enshrined in the WAKI Relic Musuem from various Venerable, including Venerable Chao Khun Thiab, Venerable Mae Chee Sasannee, Venerable Luanpor Suan and Venerable Luangpor Rod.

On 29 December, 2018 Venerable Sayadaw U Sumana introduced Mr. Teo Choo Guan to Venerable U Kittivara, the founder of the Relic Museum in Myanmar. During that meeting, Mr. Teo Choo Guan had the chance to express his wish to build a mini relic museum in Waki Building to the Venerable who agreed and supported his wish.

Convinced by Mr. Teo’s genuine aspiration,Venerable presented the precious relics of Shakyamuni Buddha for enshrinement. They included the body relic, blood relic, hair relic, skin relic and bone relic of Shakyamuni Buddha as well as the relics of Shakyamuni Buddha’s disciples.

On July 9th 2019, the WAKI Relic Musuem was finally completed. In Buddhism, it is believed the relics are great significance as it embodies the teachings and realizations of the great masters. The participants rejoiced at the ceremony. May everyone be blessed with abundance and wisdom.

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