COVID is a Historical Dividing Line – So is Atense Computer Vaccine

February 10 18:11 2021
COVID has caused trillions of dollars in losses to the global economy, inflicted hardship and immeasurable pain to many. So, has cybercrime.

Plano, TX, USA – February 10, 2021 – On an innocent day in December 2019, a coronavirus jumped from one species to another – from an animal to a human. From there, it spread from the first human to the next. Soon the Chinese city of Wuhan was shut down. Unfortunately, it was too late, and many were sick or facing death.

As it happened with the spread of the coronavirus, the same happens with a computer virus. All it takes is an innocent click on a link, and an infected file is downloaded into the computer. From there, the virus spreads from one computer to the next, and soon the whole computer network must be shut down. Unfortunately, it is too late. Documents have been encrypted and stolen, and a ransom request is displayed on the computer screen.

At first and as the coronavirus spread, some authorities ignored the health warnings, and some said: “It is not our virus.” Indiscriminately, the unmerciful coronavirus kept spreading from one person to another, affecting all colors, races, and social statuses – soon, city after city and nation after nation shut down, and the new disease was named COVID-19.

Likewise, this happens with computer infections. At first, cybersecurity personnel and higher-up management ignore the threat; some may even say: “It will not happen to us.” The ransomware indiscriminately spreads from computer to computer around the globe, affecting individuals of all colors and races, and business and government agencies of all sizes – soon, people lose their personal data, computer after computer become useless, business after business and government agencies of every size shut down.

As the new coronavirus spread, daily routines took a new twist, and humans’ interactions changed. Cities became ghost towns, schools closed, hospitals were overwhelmed, and one life after another was lost. Pain and despair reigned everywhere – and the global economy is still losing trillions of dollars.

Once a ransomware spreads, daily routines take a new twist, and humans’ interactions change. City infrastructure collapses, schools shut down, businesses return to pencil and paper, critical hospital infrastructure comes to a halt, and people die – and the global economy loses trillions of dollars.

No matter how bad a situation is, humans are a resilient species, and even amid calamities, they find solutions. This time around, the global community worked tirelessly, and in record time, several vaccines were developed and tested. Now people around the globe are getting vaccinated.

The same happened with Atense. After its founder and CEO, John Almeida, got hacked in 2006, he worked tirelessly doing research and development, and after many long and laborious years, now, for the first time ever, the world has the first patented Computer Vaccine. Computers around the globe will soon get vaccinated.

World history is now being described as before and after COVID. Prior to COVID was an innocent era without the deadly coronavirus. After COVID will be a safe and prosperous new era with humans free from coronavirus.

The same is happening with Atense Computer Vaccine. Prior to Atense Computer Vaccine was an innocent era without debilitating ransomware. After Atense Computer Vaccine will be a safe and prosperous new era with computers free from malware.

It took billions of dollars and extensive collaboration to develop a vaccine to combat the coronavirus pandemic. Until now, Atense’s founder and CEO has invested his own funds to develop a working prototype of the world’s first Computer Vaccine.

“As scientists needed government funds and collaboration to produce a COVID vaccine, likewise, I need your help and collaboration to turn Atense Computer Vaccine’s working prototype into a commercial product. Please invest in our equity crowdfunding, and together we’ll make the cyberworld free from malware and save the global economy trillions of dollars.” – John Almeida, CEO of Atense.

Company and contact information are available at Atense Cyber Defense.

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