Superstar Aaron Paul Headlines Inauguration of Chinese American Sports Game

June 30 03:46 2021

International music and fashion icon Aaron Paul, the former lead singer of the famous UK pop boys band Worlds Apart performs one of their most successful hits Could it be I’m falling in love on the stage of the inaugural Chinese American Sports Game. The hosting committee of this sporting event is headed by Mike Liu, CEO of Magic Reflections. This launch party took place in Flushing Chinatown in the New York City borough of Queens, at the appropriately named Royal Queen restaurant. Packing the venue were local dignitaries from the world of business, entertainment, politics, and of course sporting celebrities. If Aaron Paul was the musical headliner, then Amy Zhou was the sporting superstar in attendance: a former Judo world champion and Olympian medalist for China. Aaron and Amy also share in common that they both also star in the production of the Dragon Squad movie that will be premiere at AMC theaters in Times Square in November.

Headline performer Aaron Paul autographs the Chinese American Sports Game banner
Photographer: Leong Ying (26th June 2021)

The aim of this newly formed association: Chinese American Sports Game is to support goodwill sporting activities between China and US. For example, the lack of public golf courses in China drives up costs and sporting participations, and therefore not surprisingly China’s professional golfers are not in the same competitive league as their Western competitors. By attracting Chinese golfers over to the US to train and practice on the abundance of golf courses with top class trainers, the goal is to boast the quality and quantity of future golfers taking up the sport in China. It is not intended to be one-way traffic, for sports where China excels such as table tennis, then the aim is to benefit US ping-pongers through their interactions with world-class Chinese players and coaches. In the first week of September, the association will hosts competition events in the following sporting activities: Shooting, Fencing, Martial Arts, Rhythmic Gymnastics, Golf, Table Tennis, Tennis, Football, Volleyball, Badminton, Basketball, 400 and 800 Meter Relays, Tug of War, Group Dance, and Cheongsam Show.

Demonstration fencing
Photographer: Leong Ying (26th June 2021)

Dr. Leong Ying is Creator of Our Collective global alliance dedicated to according to their motto: Achieving Greatness Through GOoDness, which is a synergetic fit to the mission goals of this Chinese American Sports Game association. He is himself a Chinese American, so he has a strong vested desire to build harmonious bridge between his two rooted cultures that he so loves. He is also the Executive Producer of Dragon Squad, and it was through his friendship with celebrities: Aaron and Amy, that he was able to persuade both to star in this movie production.

Left to Right: Dr. Leong Ying (Creator of Our Collective), Mike Liu (Founder of Chinese American Sports Game) and UK popstar Aaron Paul
Photographer: Leong Ying (26th June 2021)


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