Auckland University of Technology and EZZ Life Science have launched a research agreement to investigate in the fields of NMN and HPV

April 29 23:48 2021

The study of HPV is about to reach a new era. EZZ Life Science Holdings has signed a research agreement with Auckland University of Technology (AUT). The three-year agreement will see two studies conducted with research outcomes expected to yield new, science-backed additions to the EZZ supplements range. The research project will be broken into two core studies: one designed to enhance EZZ’s current, popular Nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN) dietary supplement product; and the other to investigate the potential use of natural extracts in stimulating the human body’s immune response to Human Papillomavirus – or HPV infection.

Research in the HPV industry is highly anticipated in this three-year project cooperation between the two parties. It is reported that this study will focus on the HPV antagonism of GLT components to explore the perfect solution to kill HPV virus with “natural products”. Among them, component GLT as a kind of HPV “natural nemesis”, the HPV replication can be prevented through cutting off the supply of HPV proteases by GLT, which was named as an HPV killer by the scientific community.

“One year ago, a natural antibody for HPV called GLT has been found, the process of HPV protease synthesis can be disrupted by which, so as to completely block the division and replication of HPV viruses in the body. Better results can be reached while GLT collaborates with multiple components, which has been demonstrated through researches and experiments. It has discovered that these components are bioflavonoids, Vitex, Vitamin B, y-linolenic acid, eNMN+, etc.” Professor Fabrice Merien said.

“This subject is expected to greatly advance the global HPV research process, and make GLT this “HPV antagonist” play the most of it,” industry insiders said.

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