Metaverse PTE. LTD. announces innovative XR advertising service in Singapore

May 12 15:40 2021

Metaverse Pte. Ltd. announces the launch of a high-end virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) advertising service in Singapore. The Metaverse team considers marketing as one of the most VR/AR sensitive fields that allow brands to craft new customer experiences, innovative ways to engage clients, improve company-client interactions and relationships.

Since the needs and wishes of the audience define the market, the demand for implementation of such cutting-edge solutions like VR/AR technology, once it’s available, becomes essential for many businesses. Metaverse is here to help your company deliver a new vision of your brand creating experiences that exceed your clients’ expectations. Even though you can’t always stay ahead of the business competition, it’s vital to take part in the race for implementing innovative technology like AR or VR if you want your business to thrive.

Moreover, we at Metaverse Pte. Ltd. believe that AR/VR is not just a digital technology; foremost it’s a unique combination of the experience and action that your brand can offer to your clients. In today’s reality of worldwide restrictions and lockdowns, you’ll be able to promote your brand, services, and products in safe and spectacular ways. Receive honest feedback and get your consumers invested in the very process of product development with AR/VR advertising services by Metaverse!

Instead of the common marketing techniques when you have to attract consumers, Metaverse will bring new clients who seek a unique AR/VR brand interaction experience through a single tap of their mobile device to you.

Whether it’s about driving vehicles, shopping, working out, traveling, education, or anything else – every experience can be converted into a vivid journey for your client and into increasing sales and brand value for you. 

About Metaverse

Metaverse Pte. Ltd. has a team of extraordinary IT professionals who believe that innovation is the key to creating new ways for businesses and people to connect. At Metaverse you’ll get amazing 3D models, virtual and augmented reality interactive marketing solutions, epic innovative content, and much more to help you make your client’s dive into the reality of innovation easy and exciting. Build a better relationship with your audience leading the competition. Let your clients enjoy epic content whilst relaxing in mixed reality!

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